Rapidly changing environment in the field of innovation and technology influences everyone’s daily life in so many different ways. It takes an amazing determination and capability to absorb all pieces of information available worldwide. In this cacophony of data, one might wonder - where is the future?

We think we know and we want to share the knowledge. Thus, we have selected the key topics of future to be discussed at the most famous networking event in the Baltics – the Baltic Dynamics 2014. Four finalists: HARDWARE, START-UP, HEALTHCARE and ENERGY have prepared their best examples and strongest arguments to compete for the title. The winner will be chosen by you – do not let the chance to shape the future slip from your hands! Join us in the best innovation conference yet to be held!

The Baltic Dynamics conference is an initiative of the Baltic Association of Science/Technology Parks and Innovation Centres (BASTIC) and has been held annually since 1995. The conference venue and organization is rotated between the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This year the event will be held in Tartu, a university town with a sTARTUp attitude, and hosted by Tartu Science Park.

For further information and registration please visit the conference website.