Business and science innovation leaders from all over Europe will share their insights on the role of innovation in Europe’s economy. More than 25 inspiring speakers and famous moderators will handle the sessions of the Forum. Sir Timothy John Berners−Lee, the man who has changed the life of the entire world and is best known as an inventor of the World Wide Web, is invited as one of the keynote speakers of the Forum.


The Forum will attract well-known innovation leaders and experts, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, policy makers, researchers from the EU and abroad. The Forum intends to host around 600 guests from the EU and other countries. The participation is free with advance registration required.


Forum will offer a rich two-day programme of informative, innovative and interactive sessions. The science and technology exhibition will complement the discussions. On the third day, the foreign participants will be invited to visit the most innovative companies of Lithuania. 


European innovation policy and expectations from the new financial perspective HORIZON 2020,

  • SMEs role in creating innovative Europe,
  • Startups and entrepreneurship,
  • Eco-innovations and green business models,
  • Public and private partnership,
  • Competitiveness of companies and development of clusters,
  • Developing innovation eco-systems,
  • Measuring innovation in small regions.


The Forum, which is part of Lithuania’s Presidency events of the Council of the EU, is organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania in cooperation with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology.

Visit: http://www.vif2013.com for more information.